Instill hope.
Keep children safe.
Strengthen and reunite families.
Join our team.

We take care of our team so our team can take care of our clients.

“To let someone know you care about them, that you are concerned about what’s happening in their life, to check on their progress, to encourage and support them, is extremely fulfilling and rich.”

-Stacy Wolff


Training & Onboarding

We customize training to suit each new staff member’s needs

Ongoing Support and Mentorship

Constant open lines of communication. Monthly team meetings

Experienced Management Team

20 years of experience serving vulnerable families in Northeast GA

Competitive Pay

CCC is one of the highest paying agencies in the area

Reimbursed Mileage

For traveling to client homes, schools, and appointments

Flexible Work Schedules

You don’t have to clock in at 8 am

Work From Home

When you are not with clients

Job Security

CCC receives a steady flow of cases

Healthy Work/Life Balance

You control the number of cases you take on


  • Flexible. You’re up for doing whatever it takes to improve people’s lives
  • Resilient. Challenging experiences don’t intimidate you; they energize you
  • Self-starter. You’re comfortable working independently
  • Effective communicator. You are a patient listener and thorough reporter
  • Able to say no. You know how to set boundaries and manage your workload