Our Services

Every day is unique. Every case is unique.
Every family is unique.

There’s no roadmap or insurance-approved session quantity that defines the work we do with the families we serve. We do the work for as long as it takes to ensure safety and provide families with the tools they need to step into the light.

While every child and family we serve brings unique challenges and needs, Chestatee Counseling Center’s (CCC) services fall into three primary categories:


Comprehensive Child and Family Assessments (CCFA): Soon after a child enters foster care, CCC assessors observe the child and interview family members to gain a complete understanding of the situation. The CCFA findings guide DFCS, courts, and families in determining the services the family will receive.

Substance Abuse, Parental Fitness, and Domestic Violence Assessments: These issue-specific assessments help determine whether or not clients should receive specific treatments including rehab and parenting classes.

Home Assessments: We evaluate client family members (grandparents, cousins, etc.) to determine fitness for foster care. We also evaluate entire families who express interest in caring for foster children.

Bonding Assessments: We assess the quality of the relationship between a child and a caretaker to determine if the child (in foster care or in the adoption process) would benefit from permanent placement in the home.

Trauma Assessments: We conduct trauma assessments with children entering foster care to understand the severity of their situation, the short- and long-term potential impacts, and their treatment needs.


CCC counselors work with families and children to implement assessment recommendations. Counseling takes place at the family’s home, the child’s foster home, or the child’s school. Connecting with families in these intimate spaces provides critical insight into the realities they face each day.

Counseling services may include:

Support Services

CCC team members do whatever it takes to improve the lives of their clients.

  • Transportation: We drive children to court, to the doctor, to visit with parents, and to various foster placements.
  • Supervision: We supervise parents during child visits. Visits may take place at a park, DFCS office, a visitation center, a restaurant, the library, or other public places.
  • Education: We provide parenting classes to teach parents about budgeting, discipline techniques, household management, cleaning, and caring for young children.
  • Hoteling: We stay with children in hotels until DFCS can secure a foster placement. Hotel stays may last a couple of days or several weeks.

Now that you understand how we take care of our clients, find out how we take care of our team.